Sunday, September 20, 2009

The video I shared today was the final project for a SMART board course, "Using the SMART Recorder to Solve a Math Problem." The tutorial led me through the steps I'd need to take to create my own recorded solution for an algebra problem.
So, how does this fit into my first grade classroom? Oh, my Biese mind is buzzing already!

In September, my students are just getting their "feet wet" in math concepts. Some still have trouble identifying numbers (or writing them in the proper direction), while others are skip counting, counting coins, and more. Their math abilities vary as greatly as their reading abilities!

Now that I know how to create these teaching videos, and post them here on my blog, my students will (someday soon, I hope) be able to view a lesson on writing and reading tally marks, if they don't yet understand that concept. (I'll be able to direct the parents to the proper video on this blog.)

Those of my students who already have tally marks figured out could browse through my available teaching videos posted on this blog (once I get this up and running), and check out a more advanced math concept video, like counting coins or a trick to skip-counting by 2's.

My first graders' parents will benefit, too! They'll be able to view the video clips on this blog with their child, and see what terminology I'm using, as well as the techniques and tricks I'd like their child to remember as they work on specific skills. They should no longer have to hear their child moan, "But that's not the way my teacher does it!"

(I used to tell my folks that a lot. Finally they stopped helping me with my homework, thinking that if I could remember that well what my teacher DID say, I could probably do it on my own!)

I'm looking forward to using this new feature a great deal on my blog, and benefitting my parents and students at the same time! :)

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