Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring!

Yesterday we got the aeroponic garden up and running. We placed 7 Paris Island Romaine seedlings, 3Baby Romaine seedlings, and one of chives into their own, separate "net-pots," then filled in the gaps with hydroton pebbles. The pump is nice and quiet; it makes a gentle sound much like the filter of my fishtank, which is probably a good thing--I know my students will miss the koi (and the solitary goldfish) when they get moved back to my pond at home in a few weeks. Hmmm...perhaps I'll just have to get more fish to take their place! Poor things are growing, and getting a bit large for that 10-gallon tank. They'll be happy to make the move to the outdoor pond--and hopefully will be too big for the kingfishers to snag and eat!

The red wigglers continue to munch away quietly in their "worm campground." My students love checking their progress, and now just about all of my students are willing to get their hands right in there and help (gently!) mix the tub contents up every now and then. It's wonderful that these kids can get a summertime experience in the classroom right now, because it's starting to get extremely wet and sloppy outdoors! Oh, well, we're gardeners...we practice waiting all year long, for one thing or another, don't we?! Have a wonderful week!

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