Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More pictures, more activities to share...

This week, we were excited to discover that our Romaine seedlings germinated over the weekend (Saturday morning, to be exact). Now my husband and I are feeling the time crunch to get the aeroponic "tub" ready for the next step of our indoor gardening project! I've taken some pictures, and hope to post them soon.
My classroom gardenia plant had developed a bad case of spider mites, but a good botanical friend of mine has cleared that up (for now). I'd better keep a careful eye on it the next few days, so I can spare the leaves and flower buds (hooray!) that survived the infestation. A huge "Thank you" to my friend Aric for doctoring it up!
Our classroom orchid (the first I've ever owned) continues to bloom profusely, and provide a beautiful, gentle scent throughout the classroom. Since I don't know enough about caring for them yet, I'm planning on visiting the orchid shop in Neenah (where I purchased it from), and the woman I bought it from will walk me through how to divide it and re-pot it. Another learning experience! I always enjoy learning something new.
Our vermicomposting "camp" is really going to town. Our red wiggler worms eat a lot of vegetable scraps, munch on egg shells for "grit," and enjoyed strawberry bits (hulls and "bad" berries) this week. It looks so very different from when we started, when there was only the shredded newspaper, a handful of dirt, and 2 lbs. of worms! They've been extremely busy!
This week, in our classroom, we're starting a unit about taking care of the environment. I hope the kids tie in these science "projects" we've been doing for some time now with the ideals in the unit. We can do many small things that make a large difference.
That's it for now!

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