Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking lots of photos today...

Today I took a lot of photos, of various classroom activities and ongoing projects. We completed (or nearly completed) our Aboriginal dot art masks today, and I must say, they look FANTASTIC! The kids needed a great amount of time (nearly the entire morning) to get them done, but, I know they've developed a very strong appreciation for the time and talent it takes to create art! Tyler, one of my first graders, said,"I can't imagine how much time it took [the artists] to create the masks we saw on the internet websites!" Many of the kids commented that the venture was definitely a highlight of the week. I'm planning on using photos of their completed masks as part of my SMART board photo powerpoint of "How to Make an Aboriginal Dot Art Mask." Next year's kids, and those that follow in later years, will have a nice array of mask examples to look at: some pictures of masks made by Aboriginal people, and some pictures of masks made by 6- and 7-year olds like themselves!

I also took pictures of how our lettuce is doing (seeds sitting in a warm, moist climate, ready to germinate soon), and I took a few photos of our vermicomposting project. The kids "fed" the worms today--some old lettuce pieces. These kids are really "digging in" to the earth-friendly projects we've started in this classroom! (With BOTH hands!) :)

Looks like I should get a photo of myself taken soon, so I can post it on this site! :) Then I won't just be a shadow blogger! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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